Gardening – A Little Bit of TLC Goes a Long Way

Thinking of growing your own vegetable garden? Get ready because, like a pet, or even like a child (though it won’t cry at you when it’s hungry) a vegetable garden needs much care and devotion in order to grow healthily. Attempting to grow your own personal Garden of Eden is quite the task to undertake but, when done right, it can hold breathtaking results. As you’re getting started, there are a few essentials to live by:


If you are like most people, your basic essentials are vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and the like. If you are attempting to grow a multitude of plants like these all at once, the key is space. Like many humans, vegetables need space to be comfortable, spreading their roots in the soil and getting an ample amount of sunlight; two essentials for any plant. When configuring your garden plot it is better to overestimate then to underestimate, so be generous with the amount of space you use. This is especially important in planting vegetables that grow in rows such as carrots, radishes and beets. Plant the seeds and/or bulbs of an underground vegetable at a bare minimum of eight inches apart so that your vegetables are not competing for their vital resources and nutrients. This is especially important for underground vegetables as they rely heavily on the ability of their roots to drink in as many nutrients as the can get. Also this will give you better results for your vegetables in the end where they will be more nutritious and more substantial in size. Tomato, cucumber and squash plants all grow in significant size above ground whether it be tall or wide, so they need much space to spread out and attain the maximum amount of sunlight. Each of these plants should initially be given a minimum of 1 ½ feet between each plant as, like with underground plants, this will help to provide bigger and better vegetables in the end.


Probably the most crucial element to the health of your so-called vegetative soul is the physical and chemical composition of your soil. Choose the location of your garden carefully as having good soil to work with right from the beginning will make your life so much easier. I would recommend starting by testing the pH of your soil. If a specific plot of soil is too base or too acidic your plants will simply not survive. A good pH for almost all vegetable plants is 6.0; not too base and not too acidic. Adjusting the pH balance of your soil is quite easy and there are many different methods through which you can do this. Ideally your location will have a consistent type of soil considerably deep into the ground. With this the roots will be able to grow deeper and reach an even amount of nutrients. Avoid areas that are either too sandy or ridden with a lot of clay. Soil that is extremely sandy cannot hold moisture for very long and clay soil, although somewhat rich in nutrients, is very compact and holds too much water, which can be just as detrimental to your plants as very dry soil. Find a happy medium where there is enough space between the particles of the soil so that water can filter easily throughout the soil, but at the same time is not so loose that the moisture will quickly evaporate.

When tending to the soil get rid of all rocks in the plot and weed your garden (I kid you not) daily. Weeds are a gigantic deterrent for the healthy growth of those succulent vegetables, which you are presumably striving for. If you plan on adding fertilizer (highly recommended) never, never, neverover fertilize. This is a common mistake that first-time gardeners can easily make so when applying your fertilizer be extremely conscious of the amount that you are using. Also, when applying said fertilizer of your choice, whether it be manure, composted organic material or any other form, you must know that all fertilizers are different and therefore must be applied to your garden in a specific manner. For instance, some must be applied before planting anything and some can be applied after you have planted everything. Make sure you read the package in which your fertilizer came, or ask the provider of the fertilizer about the fertilization process, as the wrong method of application can completely jeopardize your entire garden.


I cannot place enough emphasis on giving a lot of attention to your plants once they have grown. The more you tend to them the more they will show you some love back. Regularly prune off dead/dying leaves as taking those leaves off acts as haircut would for a human; it promotes faster leaf growth and that will eventually result in better reception of sunlight for the plant. Also, regularly take any vegetables that seem rotted or abnormal off of your above ground plants as this will help the health of up-and-coming vegetables. For underground vegetables such as carrots or beets check the leaves of the plant that are seen above ground. Chances are that if the leaves are abnormally colored or that the actual vegetable will be abnormal as well. This applies to lettuce as well where if the leaves are yellowed or brown then the head is not good. Uproot any abnormal vegetables, as this will allow for more space and nutrients for the others. Do not be discouraged by the duds that you find in your garden; vegetable gardening is one big process of trial and error. When your vegetables are ready to be pulled off of the vine or out of the ground you will most definitely know.

When harvesting tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, etc. the first sign to look for is color. If the color of the vegetable is starting to look vibrant, gently pull on the vegetable itself and slightly twist. If it does not easily pop off then it is not ready. Give it a day or so and then try it again. If you are pulling up vegetables from the ground, first dig down a few inches to reach the head of the vegetable and check for size and color. Once again, if it holds the standard vibrancy of color and is of regular size feel free to pull it up.

The roots of each vegetable will be firmly grown into the soil, so slowly pull the vegetable up by the base of the leaves as this will assure that you do not detach the leaves from the actual vegetable itself. If this happens it will be more difficult to unearth the vegetables and in doing so you could potentially endanger other vegetables that are still growing. If any of your vegetables are misshapen they are not necessarily bad. It is fairly common for a brand new garden to have numerous funny looking vegetables, so once again do not be discouraged if your vegetables look like big blobs or just straight aliens.

One of the most important things that any beginner garden can learn is to not be a hero. That is, do not try and take on an enormous garden with 20 tomato plants, 20 cucumber plants, 100 carrots and beets and 30 heads of lettuce. Do not underestimate these plants as like I continuously say, each individual plant requires a large amount of care. A large garden can become overwhelming quickly, especially when there is a diverse configuration of vegetables in the garden, and especially when an inexperienced grower is tending to all of them. It is a much better experience to start small and have fun with it then to be stressed out by your garden. It is not meant to be a grueling process, but rather should be enjoyable. Once you get into the rhythm of growing and become intimately acquainted with each individual plant then it is a good idea to expand. This way you will get the results you are looking for and you may even have a little fun along the way. Spending time on/in a vegetable garden can be rewarding and surprisingly therapeutic, if you start off the right way.

Employment Discrimination – Too Old to Work

Employment discrimination in any form is a problem, true it exists but we need to rise above it in any way we can. Another type of discrimination is Age Discrimination, it crosses all economic and social boundaries, it is equally cruel to all races and both genders.

Big business uses our age against us when we apply for employment, they make us hide the years of experience we have, they make us ashamed for having the years we have, they are using tactics that can not be defined as employment discrimination, but it is employment discrimination none the less. This wave of Age Discrimination is sly and corporate HR uses veiled tactics to exclude older unemployed workers.

How can American businesses think that older workers are less valuable than the students right out of college. True they have a nice new degree. I have twenty five years doing the job you will probably hire the new graduate to do. The only reason to come to mind is MONEY, the new graduates will start for less money then I made before becoming unemployed. Les experience equals less salary, that is corporate america in a nutshell.

The sneaky thing is that they use veiled advertisements and coded questions to weed out the experienced worker in a way that will not appear to be employment discrimination, but we know it is at any rate.

Even if you somehow get an interview HR can dismiss you with the line “We will be in touch” as if we had a chance to get a job that we are ultimately qualified to do.

Even the blind men on capitol hill have had someone point out to them that older workers are facing employment discrimination and remaining on unemployment in higher numbers and for extended lengths of time, losing both their income and their health benefits.

Because corporate America wants to save a few bucks. This is criminal. Bailout, corporate America knows that word very well, government bailed out business, from the auto makers to the banks and who knows how many more individuals with charitable foundations and the like.

I think at fifty two I am a better worker then I was in my twenties, my focus has changed from girls night out and drinking to home and quality of life although the current state of the economy I may revisit the drinking. I enjoy doing a great job. I put energy into everything I do. I excel at work, I like working and have a great deal of experience in varying types of work.

I can do much more than be a bagger at the store or a greeter. Don’t tell me I would be bored working in a lesser job then I had a few years ago, I’m bored now I’m unemployed. Besides even if I was bored you wouldn’t need to worry about me leaving for a better opportunity because employment discrimination and the economy have made certain there are no jobs for me to go and get.

Eminem – Short Biography

The story of Eminem is similar to that of his songs, it needs a little censoring. Some may not be appropriate for those viewed as too young, but here I feel it's important to look at why his music, and inevitably Eminem himself, appears so angry. Everywhere you look in his life from his hard child hood with an unstable cruel mother, to his well-publicized and rocky relationship with wife Kim, you see that Eminem raps about what he knows. His life is the subject of his music and he makes no excuses. But a hard upbringing only propelled him into superstardom as you can read in magazines like The Source and XXL. Eminem took his humble beginnings and built a career.

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers) was born on October 17, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri where he lived for twelve years until he moved to Detroit. He never had much of a chance to make friends moving every other month because his mother continued to get evicted for the lack of pay. Eminem went to school up to the 9th grade where he failed three times before dropping out. He then continued to strive for that record deal to make him famous. While trying to achieve his goal he little Haile Jade Scott was born on December 25, 1995 with long time girlfriend Kim Scott. (Eminem homepage) Eminem continued to rap after the birth of his daughter entering into 97 Rap Olympics in Las Angeles that produced 1,500 to the 1st place winner. Eminem furiously came in 2nd deservingly needing the money not knowing that a few producers had seen him from Interscope. Finally he had the opportunity to show what he made of with Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre was so impressed after hearing Eminem free styling on a Los Angeles radio station that he put out a manhunt for the Michigan rhymer. (Eminem homepage) is a famous rap producer that wanted to open the doors for Eminem. The two instantly hit it off, recording four songs in the there first six hours of working – three that made it to his first LP. (Eminem Bio.) Now officially making it, Marshall and Dre set to make his second LP. The album became the Marshall Mathers LP and won 3 Grammies and was the first rap album ever to be nominated 'Album of the Year', selling more than 8 million records in the United States alone. (Eminem Bio.) Eminem continues to succeed with the his partners who started his career for him although he continues to face many difficult times between the media, his mother and the long conflicting relationship between him and his girlfriend. After they had broken up they had obviously still talked, either about there relationship of for the sake of their daughter Hailie who means more to Eminem then anyone in the world at this point of his life. I wanted to be a family to Kim and Hailie and raise my daughter the right way and not cut on her like my father did to me. My family is all I have ever cooked for and all I've ever tried to protect. The only thing I'm scared of is being taken away from my little girl. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem was also scared to raise a family and was not sure if he would have sufficient funds or know how too. When my daughter was born I was so scared I would not be able to raise her and support her, as a father should. Her first two Christmases we had nothing, but this last Christmas, when she turned three she had so many f * ckin 'presents under the tree, she kept opening them saying,' this one's for me too? ' My daughter was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she's got one now! (Chuck Weiner) Eminem can not help but to spoil his little girl being that he feels it was deteriorating that way his mother treated him. If my mother is f * ckin 'cruel enough, knowing she did not help me get where I'm at, try to take food out of my mouth and out of my daughter's mouth, try to take me for everything that I have, then I'm not holding back on this album. She's always been out to get me, and now she knows I have money so she will not leave alone. I know that's not a nice thing to say about your mother, but unfortunately it's true. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem has so much hate toward his mother that has built up in all the last years in his life that he will do anything to keep Hailie happy and keep a healthy relationship between the two of them. His mom on the other he can not seem to forgive because of all of the challenge and trouble that she has put him thread.

Eminem has psychologically turned 360 degrees through his life. From the fighting and confusion with his mother, never meeting his father to being one the largest success stories in rap history. The best example is an experiment of Eminems anger management, after he had started to rise he would get opinions from people saying "Your white, why are you rapping" & "Go play Rock and Role" and he said that you have upset him angrier and angrier and he emphasized it through his lyrics. Eminem was probably born as a kid with no chemical imbalances, but after his mother put him thread so much hell after he grew up he may have a chemical imbalance and not be able to control some of his emotions that he pays when people disrespect him . When he is presented on TV he looks as if he is always sad of something is always bothering him that he can not be proud of his achievements of happy to be where he is and it's got everything to do with his child and recent terrible interactions he's had with friends, family and rivals.

How To Pick Profitable Affiliate Programs

Although it has been said that affiliate marketing is a simple way of making residual income from the comfort of your home, you should not plunge into any affiliate program without carrying out your due diligence.

You need to ask a lot of questions before you choose which affiliate program to join. This foundational stage is very crucial to your success in affiliate marketing and you should not joke with it. What are the questions you need to be asking? I have a few suggestions below.

Are you going to pay any money to join the affiliate program?

If yes, drop it like hot potato. Almost all affiliate programs are free to join, and rightly so. After all, you will be making money for them; plus you increase the profit turn over the affiliate master will make on his product. It is in the interest of the affiliate master to sign you on free because he does not pay you a red cent until you make sales from your affiliate link.

How much does the product sell for?

It is important that you are not wasting your time promoting products that sell for pennies. As an affiliate, your commission is paid by percentage. That simply means the higher the cost of the product, the more money you make. Do not forget that you will spend valuable time and money promoting the product; hence the commission you get on it must be reasonable enough to pay your bills and give you a comfortable profit.

What percentage of sales price are you getting as commission?

Generally affiliate programs pay at least 50% commission, some even 75%. If the affiliate master knows his onions well, he will give attractive commissions so that the affiliate marketers will be inspired to really promote his products and make him money.

How popular is the product?

Go to related marketing forums and ask about the product. See what people are saying about it and form an opinion. Do a Google search on the product and see how many people are selling it. If it is a product that everybody’s uncle and grandmother is selling, please keep away from it. It will be all over the net and might be difficult to sell.

What type of affiliate program is being offered here?

Is it a one tier affiliate or a two tier affiliate? Of course, the two tier affiliate will make you more money. This is because when you get people on your list to promote the product, you make money from their efforts as you are paid commission on every sale they make. How do you get paid? What are the terms of payment? When do you get your commission check? This is different from program to program. Some programs will pay you once a month, some (very few) will pay your commission weekly while some might even pay quarterly. I don’t like this type of program because it holds on too long to your money.

Who is the creator/owner of the product?

What is his reputation online? Again you can find this out from forums and discussion boards. The gold fish has no hiding place. If he is a credible, reliable person you will know. If otherwise, people will also let you know. If there is any hint of you not getting paid what is due to you, look for another program.

How good is the affiliate track system?

It is quite important that your chosen program should be able to track every single sale made by you so that you get truly paid on your efforts. How long does your referral remain in the system? If they buy 90 days after you sponsored them, will you still get paid your commission?

Although there are a few more questions which you may ask, but the above are the crucial ones. Once you are satisfied with the results you get on the above questions, take immediate action steps to start your business.

As you can see, affiliate marketing is a serious business and should be so handled if you want to make maximum money from it. Sure, it is possible to become extremely wealthy marketing affiliate products and that is why you should be prudent about it.